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Would you like to give away a stay at Hotel AUSTRIA?

Do you already know about our decoratively designed Gift Certificates?

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- Hotel AUSTRIA Gift Certificate over  € 100.00 
- Hotel AUSTRIA Gift Certificate over  € 200.00 
- Hotel AUSTRIA Gift Ceritificate from booking through our online reservation
- Your completely personalized Hotel AUSTRIA Gift Certificate 

Give your loved ones an unforgettable stay in Vienna – at your Hotel Austria! If you would like to share with us your special requests or wishes, we can make the impossible possible – allow us to take you by surprise! 

Or book a room through our online reservation page and order your gift certificate.

Just transfer the payment for the gift certificate to our account and as soon as your payment goes through, we’ll send the gift certificate to you or directly to the recipient.

Our bank account details:

Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg
IBAN: AT56 1630 0001 3018 0280

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