Mr. Anzalone´s ten-year service anniversary

„Mr ANZALONE's TEN-year service anniversary!“

A few days ago, Mr Piero ANZALONE reached his TEN-Year Service Anniversary of commitment to Hotel AUSTRIA!

As Deputy Manager of Reception, he ALWAYS has the best ANSWERS to ALL questions and requests for you!
Not only does he speak FIVE (!) languages fluently, but whatever you ask him about Vienna - he has  the perfect answer for EVERYTHING!

Above all, he always provides our guests with the BEST restaurant recommendations – of course based on his PERSONAL experience!

Mr Piero ANZALONE is, in EVERY situation, not only a "ROCK of AGES", not only a loving family man, but also, in particular - a man with A HEART OF GOLD...!

VERY WARM congratulations Mr Anzalone!
And especially a VERY big "THANK YOU!"


Shopping in Vienna is a hit all year round!

Within a few minutes walk from HOTEL AUSTRIA, you will not only find the exclusive shopping streets Kärntner StraßeGraben and Kohlmarkt, but also many typical old-style Viennese boutiques, designer shops and old antique shops. After returning from shopping, unwind over a coffee break with a piece of freshly baked Viennese pastry.

We have prepared - a very special "SHOPPING PACKAGE" FOR YOU:   

  • Welcome Gift
  • 2 nights in a standard or comfort Double Room
  • a generous gourmet buffet breakfast
  • Original VIENNESE COFFEE BREAK or tea and a piece of traditional Viennese pastry: Viennese apple strudel or original Sacher cake!
  • a Vienna Card (72 hour card for the metro, bus and tramway - with numerous shopping benefits and discounts)

Send us YOUR request for YOUR very PERSONAL offer.

„ALL THE BEST - Viktoria!“

From mid-June to mid-September, we have once again given an "intern" the opportunity to gather practical experience, in addition to her school education:
In our SUMMER newsletter, we briefly introduced VIKTORIA…

Why are we mentioning her again?
Because VIKTORIA has been the BEST "intern" we have ever had…!
She was not only extremely EFFICIENT, quick to work INDEPENDENTLY but, first and foremost, she was always very CHEERFUL!

Before VIKTORIA left for Greece on her holidays, ALL OF US bid her farewell!

We wish you CONTINUED SUCCESS - Viktoria!

„Current and upcoming EVENTS in Vienna in October 2016“

Interested in music, theater, the opera, museums, and exhibitions?
We’ll be happy to keep you informed about all the dates / schedules and perhaps even let you in on a few secrets too…

Edmund de Waal meets Albrecht Dürer

The best-selling author Edmund de Waal has put together a very special exhibition for the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

His book "The Hare with the Amber Eyes", in which he deals with his family and the eponymous Palais Ephrussi in Vienna, made Edmund de Waal world famous. The KHM has now invited the Brit, who works as a ceramic artist, to design an exhibition: In "During the Night", de Waal shows a selection of objects he found in the museum's exhibition rooms and repositories. His selection begins with the visual representation created in 1525 of a nightmare had by Albrecht Dürer ("Dream Vision"), which is kept in a volume belonging to the Kunstkammer Vienna (Chamber of Art and Wonders).

De Waal took further presentations of dream, fear, disharmony, unrest and the moment between sleep and waking from the inventories of the Portrait Gallery, the Kunstkammer Vienna (Chamber of Art and Wonders), the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities, the library, the Collection of Historic Musical Instruments, the Imperial Treasury and the chamber of art of Ambras Palace in Innsbruck. The exhibition also includes four objects from the Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna as well as a new work specially created by Waal for the exhibition. The Netsuke (small carved figure from Japan) "The Hare with Amber Eyes" will also be exhibited.

KHM curator Jasper Sharp explains the explains the exhibition: "What all the objects have in common is the eye of the person that selected them. The composition is a personal re-interpretation of the past."

During the Night - 11 October 2016 - 29 January 2017
Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum),

Biedermeier! Or is it?

A unique art genre developed during the Biedermeier period between the Vienna Congress and the bourgeois revolution of 1848. This is demonstrated by an exhibition at the Lower Belvedere.

The exhibition focuses on painting from 1830 to 1860 and therefore even extends beyond the Biedermeier period. However, not every artwork created at the time was connected to the historic epoch of the Biedermeier. Above all the works produced in the 1850s led painting to new heights. Most illustrations of this time are of immense expressive power and also had to be quickly placed on canvas before a new stylistic era approached. The exhibition concentrates on "profane" painting: Portraits, landscapes and genre paintings. At the center of the exhibition is Vienna.

And, of course, one of the superstars of the time: Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller. Often incorrectly described as a "Biedermeier painter", his most famous works were created in the years after 1848. A selection of his later works will therefore form the core of the "Is that Biedermeier?" exhibition. Another focal point of the show is domestic culture. Furniture production in particular underwent enormous development during these years. The exhibits are intended to highlight the change in style from the Biedermeier to the Neo-Baroque. It is also possible to draw comparisons between the exhibited objects and the furniture depicted in the paintings.

Is that Biedermeier? Amerling, Waldmüller and more - 21 October 2016 - 12 February 2017
Lower Belvedere, Orangery (Belvedere - Unteres Belvedere & Orangerie),

Picasso and tribal art

The art of the indigenous peoples of Africa and Oceania is only superficially primitive and served as inspiration for important painters of the Modern period. - A comparison in the Leopold Museum.

Pablo Picasso once said "That's what painting is really about" at the sight of the African masks in the Musée d'Ethnographie in Paris. And members of "Die Brücke" (The Bridge), a group of expressionist artists, took inspiration for the own carvings from the inventories of the museums of ethnology and fitted their studios out as exotic hideaways. The collector and founder of the Leopold Museum, Rudolf Leopold, was of the opinion that the art of so-called "primitive" ethnic groups was a priori expressionist.

It is therefore no wonder that he created a collection of 200 rare ancestor figures, dance masks, weapons and other unusual works of the woodcarving peoples of Africa and Oceania. This inventory is now shown for the first time in the exhibition "Foreign Gods". Juxtaposed against the exhibits are the works of important representatives of the Modern era, such as André Derain, Amedeo Modigliani, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Emil Nolde, Max Ernst - and even Pablo Picasso.

Foreign Gods. Fascination with Africa and Oceania - 23 September 2016 - 9 January 2017 
Leopold Museum,

Martin Kippenberger

It is unclear where to place Kippenberger in art history. What is clear, however, is that he ranks amongst the most exciting artists of the 20th century. This is demonstrated by an exhibition at the Bank Austria Kunstforum.

Martin Kippenberger (born in 1953 in Dortmund, died in 1997 in Vienna) is one of the most important and most controversial artists of the 20th century. A real personality cult surrounded him during his creative years and still surrounds him today. He also very quickly employed it to his benefit: From the first stickers to his final paintings (all self-portraits), it's all about the artist figure "Kippy". Kippenberger's work, which ranges from painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, poster, installation, performance, artist book and writings to curatorial and collector practices, draws on an ability to be classified and the "-isms" of art history.

Kippenberger places a special focus on language, whether as text in an image, a pun or a slogan. He also slaved away on his role models and emulators Gerhard Richter, Joseph Beuys and Pablo Picasso with large pictorial series. - The exhibition at the Bank Austria Kunstforum illuminates all aspects of Martin Kippenberger's wide-ranging creative talent.

Martin Kippenberger - 8 September - 27 November 2016 
Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien,

Vienna Design Autumn

October in Vienna is the time to stock up on fashion and design. Two design fairs and markets offer all sorts of shopping possibilities.

The Edelstoff design market at the Marx Halle marks the start of the Design Autumn on 8 and 9 October. 130 designers from Austria and abroad are represented on the market with their accessories, fashion, jewelry, product design and art. On sale are mostly sophisticated creations by independent labels, which are otherwise unavailable from regular retailers. If all that shopping makes you hungry, you’ll also get your money’s worth here: The Edelstoff design market is accompanied on the culinary front by a wide range of street food providers.

The Museum for Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna is the venue for the thirteenth Blickfang design fair this autumn. Around 150 exhibitors from Austria and abroad present refreshing design and the latest trends at the sales fair in the categories of furniture, lighting, fashion, jewelry and accessories.

On display is a mix of well-designed products in various price brackets. Also there are players on the Vienna design scene, including the furniture designers Bonpart and the fashion labels Madame with a mission and Pia Bauernberger. Visitors can try on, test and buy the sophisticated designs ranging from chairs to dresses, and meet the designers in person on the day. The special shows focus on design from the Netherlands and Poland as well as on kids design. Also on offer is a contemporary heuriger.

Edelstoff design market - 8-9 October 2016
Sa 11.00 am - 8.00 pm, Su 11.00 am - 6.00 pm,, Entry: €4
Marx Hall, 

Blickfang - 28-30 October 2016
Fr 12.00 noon - 10.00 pm, Sa 11.00 am - 8.00 pm, Su 11.00 am - 7.00 pm, Daily ticket: €10
MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art,


Austria's biggest film festival once again offers film highlights from around the world from 20 October to 2 November. This year, a retrospective is dedicated to the extraordinary actor Christopher Walken. If he can overcome his fear of flying, Walken might we welcomed as a star guest alongside John Carpenter.

Each year, the Viennale brings the latest feature, documentary and short films to Vienna from around the world. Among them are many unknowns, unusual discoveries, as well as great films by famous directors, such as "Certain Women" by Kelly Reichardt with Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern, "Elle" by Paul Verhoeven and "Paterson" by Jim Jarmusch. Austrian cinema is also represented. Examples are "Homo Sapiens" by Nikolaus Geyrhalter, "Stille Reserven" by Valentin Hitz and "Mister Universo" by Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel. Among the documentary films this year are interesting portraits - including on the director Brian De Palma, the musician Franz Zappa and the author Peter Handke.

A tribute is dedicated to the American actor Christopher Walken. His distinctive appearance and way of speaking soon cast him in the role of the villain. But there are many more facets to Christopher Walken, as is amply demonstrated by his 100 or so film appearances. The Viennale screens films including "The Deer Hunter", "King of New York" and "Catch Me If You Can". And with a little luck, the actor will also attend the Viennale, despite his fear of flying. A regular guest is the American cult director and musician John Carpenter. He is traveling to Vienna for the gala screening of his film "They Live" on 2 November and giving a concert in the Stadthalle on 3 November.

This year's retrospective is organized under the theme "A second life". It's about the variation of a topic in a film - i.e. about remakes, sequels, prequels and adaptations. Representative of these is the resurrection of a Japanese classic ("Yojimbo" by Akira Kurosawa, 1961) as a Spaghetti Western ("A Fistful of Dollars" by Sergio Leone, 1964). Further specials are also dedicated to the recently deceased avant-garde filmmaker Peter Hutton from the USA and Robert Land, a great unknown of German-language cinema of the inter-war years, who died while fleeing into exile in 1938.

The Viennale is always a showplace for popular parties and premieres. These are mostly held in the festival headquarters in the Alte Post (Old Post Office).

Viennale - 20 October - 2 November 2016
Various cinemas in Vienna,

Wiener Fahrradschau 2016

The first ever Wiener Fahrradschau will take place in the Marx Halle from 21 to 23 October 2016 as an extension of the Berlin Bike Show.

The event in the Marx Halle is conceived as a combination of bike show and international festival of cycling culture. In addition to the many exhibitors presenting their brands in the Marx Halle, there will also be lots of other events and program items to do with all things bicycle. The fifth Radkult Festival will take place in the Marx Halle at the same time as the Wiener Fahrradschau.

The Berlin Bike Show has developed into the world's leading bike lifestyle show over the past few years, most recently pulling in about 20,000 people. Vienna is considered the perfect place in which to expand the show, due to the city's cycling culture and bike scene.

Wiener Fahrradschau - 21-23 October 2016

Very pleasant small hotel located near all major sightseeing. The hotel is managed very well by experienced staff, the receptionists were helpful and friendly.

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