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Our motivated team of the Hotel Austria

A guest is our most important visitor.
We depend on him
He gives meaning to and is a part of our work
We do him no favour
When we serve him
He gives us the pleasure
When he gives us the chance to do so
(Mahatma Ghandi)




Joceylin Karigl-Reyes was born under the zodiac sign of Leo.
As Assistant Manager, she exudes the qualities of Leo, namely: cordiality and friendliness combined with professional competence and leadership abilities. She gained international working experience while living and working in the USA, Canada and Germany. Before taking over her position at Hotel Austria, she worked as Executive Housekeeper in several international hotels in Vienna.

Mrs. Karigl-Reyes is married and a mother of two, now both grown-ups. Her favourite hobbies include painting, sculpting, listening to music, dancing and reading. Get a glimpse of her creative talent in the seasonal decorations in the hotel.

Her motto: It is not enough to meet the expectations of our guests, but strive to exceed them!

Hermann KARIGL - Hotel Assistent Manager


Hermann was born under the zodiac sign of Virgo. Typical for this sign are attention to detail and a practical capability. With these characteristics, our youngest team member attends to all departements, wherever an extra pair of hands is needed.

Hermann gained his first experiences of his career in tourism in different areas of Austria – his last assignment took him to Hohentwiel in the region of lake Bodensee. In his free time he likes to play football, to take care about his garden and to meet with friends.

Front Desk

Renate BASSRUCKER - Front Office Manager

Tel: +43 1 515 23-511

Mrs. Renate Bassrucker was born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn.
With the typical loyalty of the Capricorn she has been working at Hotel Austria for 25 years already. Our guests appreciate her personal charm and her excellent professional competence. Mrs. Bassrucker always has an open ear for all the wishes and concerns of our guests.

Mrs. Bassrucker is a mother of two children. Her hobbies, which include reading, skiing and jogging, enable her to combine professional and private life ideally.

Her motto: Through my personal commitment, I strive to encourage new visitors to become frequent guests.

Piero ANZALONE GHERARDI - Assist. Front Office Manager

Tel: +43 1 51523-511

Mr. Piero Anzalone Gherardi was born under the sign of Cancer. With the typical Cancerian qualities of readiness to help and attentiveness, he is strongly contributing to the Reception team’s efforts. He lends an open ear to all concerns and stands ready by your side with advice and acts of helpfulness for your requests.

Mr. Piero Anzalone Gherardi came from Rome and has lived in Austria for many years. He is married and a father of two girls. His hobbies include swimming, running and cycling. He is also a passionate and excellent cook and has a few secret tips handy about excellent Italian restaurants.

His motto: That through his efforts, he could contribute to making our guests’ stay at Hotel Austria a memory truly worth keeping.

Hakan PEHLIVAN - Night Auditor

Mr. Hakan was born under the zodiac sign of Pisces. With the typical helpfulness of this sign, he always has an open ear for the intentions and wishes of all the night revelers and early risers among our guests. Not only does he makes sure you are in good and safe hands during the night, but also would gladly serve you a cup of coffee or a small breakfast during the wee hours of the morning.

Mr. Hakan comes from Turkey. He is married and father of two daughters. He has been studying in Vienna and later returned with his family. He is very sportive. His hobbies are travelling and reading

His motto: Through my work I contribute in making our guests feel safe and in good hands also during the night and enable them to enjoy a peaceful and good night’s rest.

Service and Kitchen

Vehida JATIC - Breakfast service

Ms. Vehida was born under the sign of Taurus. With the typical calmness and naturelness of this sign, she is the kindred soul in our breakfast room. With her work and service, she ensures that our guests at Hotel AUSTRIA feel that they're in good hands and never miss out on every comfort or convenience offered.

Ms. Vehida came to Austria many years ago from Bosnia. She is married and mother of 2 children. She likes to spend her free time in a creative way with drawing and she loves reading.

Her motto: Through my work I try to help make our guests feel “at home” in our guestrooms.

Nevyana MIHAILOVA - kitchen and housekeeping

Mrs Nevyana was born under the star sign of Gemini. With the typical dexterity of this star sign, she provides wonderful support to our breakfast team in the kitchen, especially when preparing our warm dishes. With her dedication to her floor duties, she also takes care of the well-being of our guests, who really appreciate it.

Mrs Nevyana originally comes from Bulgaria, but has been living in Austria for several years. She is married and a mother of 2 children. Her free time belongs first and foremost to her family, whom she cooks for with pleasure and creativity. She also enjoys reading.

Her motto is to make the best possible start in a new day with her work, a smile, and friendly words for our guests.


Khoon SERWO - Chambermaid 4th Floor

Mrs. Khoon was born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. With her typical Gemini thoroughness, meticulousness and cheerfulness, she takes excellent care of our rooms on the fourth floor. She has been a trusted face for our guests for a lot of years now.

Mrs. Khoon came to Austria many years ago from Thailand. In private, she is a passionate cook and spends her free time doing sports activities like swimming as well as dancing.

Her motto: Through my duty I contribute to making our rooms a place where one can feel good.

Slavica IVANIC - Chambermaid 3rd Floor

Mrs. Slavica Ivanic was born under the sign of Libra. With the Libra’s typical equanimity, she has for many years now been in charge of our rooms at the 3rd floor, which for our guests has always been a place to feel good. She also helps eagerly whenever extra help is needed during breakfast buffet service.

Mrs. Ivanic comes from Bosnia although Austria has already become her second home. Privately, she is married and a mother of two chiildren. Her favourite pastimes include reading, cooking and sewing.

Her motto: Through my work HOTEL AUSTRIA should be a place where one not just lives but also feels at home.

Sonja RISTESKA - Chambermaid 2nd Floor

Ms Sonja Risteska was born under the sign of Aries. With the typical Aries qualities of vitality and spontaneity, she makes it a point that our guests always feel at home.

Ms Sonja came to Vienna years ago from Macedonia. She is a mother to one daughter with whom she has been very eager to discover the still unknown sights of Vienna.

Her motto: To ensure through my work that your stay at Hotel AUSTRIA would become an unforgettable experience in all areas.

Yvonne OBASEKI - Chambermaid

Mrs Yvonne under the star sign of Aquarius. She supports our team with her friendly nature, which is typical for this star sign. On the floor, she provides our guests with the usual comfort and cleanliness. 

Mrs Yvonne is from Nigeria. She is married and a mother of 3 children. Her free time is dedicated mainly to her family.

Her Motto: I do everything to make sure that our guests are satisfied.


Sasa PETROVIC - Maintenance

Mr. Sasa Petrovic was born under the sign of Taurus. With the Taurus’s typical loyalty, he has been the “good-natured spirit” in Hotel AUSTRIA since 1999. With his knack for technical handiwork, he fixes not just the technical problems in our hotel, but through his work also ensures that our guests feel well wherever they are inside the hotel.

Mr. Sasa Petrovic comes from Serbia-Montenegro and has been in Austria for more many now. Austria has for a long time become his second home. His hobbies include cooking, reading, running and inline-skating. He is married, the proud father of 3 children and has proven time and again that not only does he have a lot of humour, but also a lot of heart.

His motto: Through my work I want to make sure that also at the background areas everything works smoothly at all times!

Richard RODA - Maintenance

Mr. Richard was born under the sign of Pisces. With the Pisces’ typical helpfulness, he has contributed and is still contributing significant support in many areas in Hotel AUSTRIA. He is frequently seen during breakfast service with his charming and cheerful disposition and is also always at our guests’ disposal to assist in technical or maintenance problems

Mr. Richard comes from the Philippines and has been living in Vienna for some time now. He is married and father of 2 children. His most favourite hobby is playing tennis.

His motto: With my work, I hope to help our guests start.

Naser DAUTI - Craftsman of the hotel

Mr. Dauti was born under the zodiac sign of Cancer. With the typical helpfulness of Cancer, he is our „Man in White“. Mr Dauti is the expert for painting, paperhanging, repairing floors and all kinds of things needed to keep the rooms in good and safe condition for your convenience.

Mr. Dauti came from Kosovo to Vienna in 1991 and is proud father of two grown-up children and dotes on his grandchildren. His spare time he likes to spend with his family and whenever time allows, he likes to read. 

His Motto: I want to make sure that our guests feel „at home“ in the rooms of our hotel.

RIP Klaus Lechner

1973 - 2009

Klaus Lechner was our Reception Manager from 2004 to 2009. He was most unexpectedly taken away from his life, a totally shocking truth for all of us. With his extraordinary expertise and most importantly, his remarkable humaneness, he drastically shaped and molded Hotel AUSTRIA five years long. Klaus Lechner was not only an outstanding individual, he was also most especially a human being with a lot of HEART.

For all those, who have personally known him, Klaus Lechner will remain NEVER to be FORGOTTEN ...

Here you can read our Farewell Letter again.


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