Holiday on Ice: Atlantis

The most successful ice show in the world brings the program "Atlantis" to the Wiener Stadthalle from January 16: an homage to the submerged paradise. Holiday on Ice takes audiences to probably the most magnificent, richest and most enchanting island kingdom that has ever existed in legend.

Holiday on Ice goes on a journey of adventure to the submerged city of Atlantis. The legend is staged as a spectacular ice show with breathtaking acrobatics on the ice and in the air, with fantastic costumes and surprising effects.

Thirty-five professional ice skaters create snapshots of love and life in scenarios above and below the water. Breathtaking stunts, quadruple jumps and a wheel consisting of 30 figure skaters rotating backwards like a glittering turnstile are just some of the highlights of the new show.

Thanks to the technical perfection of the performers, the journey to the magical kingdom above and below the water becomes a unique experience for the audience - worthy of Holiday on Ice's 75th anniversary.

Holiday on Ice – Atlantis, January 16-27, 2019


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