Brave woman in Vienna around 1900

The Lower Belvedere dedicates a long overdue show to female artists whose works made a significant contribution to the art scene in Austria at the time of Vienna Modernism and the First Republic.

For women who wanted to become artists at the beginning of the 20th century, the conditions were extremely poor. They were not allowed to study at the academy and had only limited access to artist associations. This also minimized the possibilities for them to hold exhibitions. Nevertheless, some of them managed to make their presence known on the male-dominated Viennese art scene and successfully build up a career. They were active on the art scene at that time and exhibited at the Secession and in the Salon Pisko, among other places. Nevertheless, many were forgotten. The Lower Belvedere now dedicates a long overdue presentation to these courageous women.

Although in recent years the life and work of some of the then renowned female artists have been researched and presented in retrospectives, the significance of their work remains underestimated to this day and has thus scarcely been noticed. This exhibition now aims at broadening the view of Vienna Modernism and the inter-war period. The focus is on female artists who have contributed a great deal to the art of this time. In addition to rediscovered works, which are being shown for the first time, the show pays tribute to the contributions of the now largely forgotten female artists to the art movements of Mood Impressionism, Secessionism, Expressionism, Kinetism and New Objectivity. On display are works by Ilse Bernheimer, Maria Cyrenius, Friedl Dicker, Marie Egner, Louise Fraenkel-Hahn, Helene Funke, Greta Freist, and many more.

City of Women. Female Artists in Vienna from 1900 to 1938, January 25 - May 19, 2019


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