Vienna Festival 2018

From May 11, the Vienna Festival will show five weeks of international stage art: 30 productions from the areas of music, theater, performance and dance. There's also a club culture aspect again.

Artistic director Tomas Zierhofer-Kin brings lots of different genres and artists to Vienna again for his second run of the Vienna Festival. The opening is a feast for everyone: the Vienna Festival gets under way at Vienna's City Hall Square on May 11. The free open-air concert has delighted thousands of people year after year and is broadcast around the world.

No fewer than 40,000 tickets will be issued for the festival. Among the 30 items on the program, 21 are dedicated to musical theater, dramatic theater and performances. Lots of productions are set to grab people's attention. 

F23, a former coffin factory, is the stage for "Hyperreality", a sub-festival for club culture. Experimental electronic music at the interface of performance, pop and visual art will be performed here for three whole nights. The club is intended to serve as a space of possibilities, beyond the bounds of reality. Music is a means of expression and liberation.

Guests at Hyperreality include the Venezuelan musician, singer and producer Arca (May 24), the eloquent pop diva Kelela from the USA as well as the Detroit electro-legend DJ Assault (May 25) and the Berlin rapper Taktloss aka Real Geizt (May 26).

Vienna Festival 2018, May 11 to June 17, 2018, various venues
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