Vienna and its writings

During "Sign Week Vienna", everything revolves around the topic of city signage and sign painting for one whole week.

Vienna has a long tradition of individual city signage and was once considered to be the metropolis of the art of sign painting. Numerous historical signs, particularly above entrances to businesses, have long since disappeared, but a few still punctuate today’s cityscape. "Sign Week Vienna", which is being held for the first time, aims to remind us of this slowly dying tradition and dedicates itself to typographies in the public space from 19 to 27 September 2017.

The program is diverse and ranges from exhibitions to film presentations, lectures and workshops, as well as city expeditions to places where old signs can still be seen. Prizes for the design of old and new shop fronts will also be awarded during Sign Week Vienna.

Sign Week Vienna, 19-27 September 2017


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