KlezMore Festival Vienna

Jewish klezmer music thrills audiences with stirring melodies and high-spirited singing. Ensembles from around the world make music in Viennese theaters, music clubs as well as churches from November 10 to 25.

The festival series comprises 14 concerts in Vienna. Performers include the Moritz Weiß Klezmer Trio and the Roman Britschgi Quintet with the exceptional musicians Diknu Schneeberger and Matthias Loibner.

In the dignified ambiance of the Gaußplatz Church, Steve Gander & Friendscelebrate “A Tribute to Leonard Cohen,” accompanied by the three women of the Sistas Choir.

The Polish Klezmer stars Kroke recently passed their 25-year anniversary; this fall, Vienna can finally celebrate with them. The Amsterdam Klezmer Band and the band Tantz from London are bringing dance music. The concert evenings with Klezmer Reloaded featuring Marwan Abado and the musical storytelling by Sveta Kundish & Patrick Farrell will be more subtle but no less atmospheric.

The Semer Ensemble will transport the music that was released by the Semer Label in Berlin in the 1930s into the here and now: a very special evening.

The 15th KlezMore Festival offers musical support with a preview concert featuring the Vienna Klezmore Orchestra, three concerts in Bratislava, the KlezMore Festival Lounge at the Café Mocca, workshops and readings. Old black and white movies are accompanied live at Café Tachles for the Sunday silent movie matinées; the café also presents a jam session.

The intense klezmer sounds have their origins in medieval Eastern Europe, when Jewish wandering musicians played at weddings and other festivals. Violins, clarinets and flutes imitate the human voice and produce gripping melodies to captivating rhythms. Nowadays, this traditional music is being reinterpreted by many young artists. Klezmer has long been world music.

15th KlezMore Festival Vienna, Nov 10-25, 2018
13 venues across Vienna


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