20th Voice Mania 2017

A cappella singing at its best – that's what Voice Mania, the international concert festival of vocal acrobatics shows from 3 November to 3 December. This year, 30 groups from 14 countries offer high-class acoustic entertainment without instrumental accompaniment for the twentieth time. It's all about grooving, humming, whistling, yodeling, rocking, clapping, flicking, clicking and fooling around - and singing, of course!

Marking the opening event of 20 years of Voice Mania for the tenth time is Balcanto on 3 November. Artistes sing, belt out and swing in a potpourri of music ranging from pop to classical from balconies in Vienna city center. The festival then continues with 19 evenings at Vindobona, Metropol, MuTh, Theater am Spittelberg and Peterskirche (Church of St. Peter).

Legendary ensembles such as The Swingles (UK) and The Real Group (S) meet other audience favorites such as iNtrmzzo (NL) with vocal theater, basta (D) with perfect pop, SLIXS (D) with their own style "Vocal Bastard", Rock4 (NL) with their Beatles homage, The Cast (USA, CAN, CHILE, D) with opera pop, Cluster (I) with vocal fusion and Vocal Sampling (KUBA) in Latin Fever.

For the first time, Füenf (D), The Singing Pinguins (CH), Solala (S) and Sons of Pitches (UK) pitch in with comedy, hits, kitchen sound and vocal gymnastics. Talike Trio and Nobuntu from Madagascar/Zimbabwe touch audiences with polyphony and in the Bantu language. The cult troupe Maybebop (D) travels to Vienna with a new program – they've been at Voice Mania since the beginning.

20th Voice Mania 2017. 3 November - 3 December 2017
Various venues
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