Naturally on a large scale

Nature dominates the work of Herbert Brandl. The Belvedere 21 now presents his oeuvre with a focus on the last twenty years.

Herbert Brandl is one of perhaps the most successful Austrian painters of the present day. He is considered to be a representative of neo-expressionism and is part of the "Neue Wilde"/"New Wild Ones". This was a generation of artists that mainly dedicated itself in the early 1980s to a style of painting that is known for its color balance, expressively abstract shapes, and large-format images. And Brandl has remained faithful to this format down to the present day. Thus his large works are mainly dominated by motifs of nature. Brandl's mountain paintings provide a view of the monumental. He also changes back and forth between close-up and distant views. These so-called "Zoom-ins" or "Blow-ups" enable us to experience an unknown view of nature. Herbert Brandl's painting alternates between figurative and abstract tendencies, all the way to strong abstraction.

For Brandl, nature is to be understood in its original form. For him, it is about the self-grown, the nature, which arises and continues to exist without any kind of human intervention. Some of his works refer to threatened areas of nature. These represent, if you will, an ideal image of unspoiled nature, which are to be defended.

Belvedere 21 now presents Brandl's oeuvre with a focus on the past twenty years through to works that the artist created specially for the exhibition.

Herbert Brandl. Exposed to Painting, The last twenty years - January 31 - May 24, 2020


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