Comeback of the hare

He hasn't been seen for ages: Albrecht Dürer's young hare. As part of a large Dürer retrospective, the Albertina is taking the world's most famous long-eared creature out of its "hutch" again for a few months.

Easter may still be some way off, but the Albertina is already retrieving the world's most famous hare from its vaults. The sensitive watercolor by Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) may only be displayed in public every few years. It was last exhibited in 2016 for just seven hours. The crowds lining up to see it will be large – this near-natural likeness of a hare has lost none of its fascination over the centuries.

Of course, the hare is just one of Dürer's many impressive works to be shown as part of this exhibition. With over 140 works, the Albertina owns the world's most important collection of drawings by the master. Augmented with valuable, international works on loan, over 100 drawings, a dozen paintings, personal records and other rare documents will be presented.

This exhibition is the first time that Dürer's work has been presented so comprehensively again at the Albertina since 2003. The work of the Renaissance genius can therefore be marveled at once more in all its glory, before the sensitive works have to be returned to the high-security depot again for the coming years.

Albrecht Dürer: September 20, 2019 - January 6, 2020


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