Your safe stay at the Hotel Austria Vienna

Stay at the Hotel Austria

Public areas

Please wear a FFP2 (N95) mask in all public areas.

Hand disinfectant

Please regularly use hand disinfectant. (automatic dispensers can be found in our entry hall / reception / breakfast room / on all floors next to the lift)


Please use a FFP2-mask in our elevator.

Safety for all our guests!

Our team

Our team members are already vaccinated or will be tested regularly.

Airing the hotel

We make sure, that all our rooms are ventilated regularly.


For years we have cleaned according to highest standards. We now additionally use new disinfectants - in all areas, specially door knobs, handrails, elevator buttons and regularly used surfaces.


We offer the possibility for contactless payment.

Measures information

All our sanitation and safety measures are well visible for all guests throughout the hotel.

For your stay in Vienna

Restaurants (also valid for breakfast)

The "2G-rule" applies. This stands for either

  • RECOVERED (until 6 month after recovery)

For children up to the age of 6 no tests are required.
For children between the age of 6 and 12 either an antigen or PCR test is required.
For children between the age of 12 and 15 only PCR tests are accepted.

In case your stay is longer than the validity of the test, the test must be repeated in Vienna. Our front desk can help you with further information on nearby possibilities for tests, which are free for Vienna tourists.


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