Floral greeting

It's hard to believe how differently flowers can be put onto canvas. An exhibition at the Belvedere now recounts the history of Viennese flower painting.

Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Koloman Moser, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Anton Romako, Hans Makart and Gerhard Richter are the most famous artists whose works can be seen in the exhibition "Say it with flowers!". Flower pictures had a strong symbolic power through the ages. In 19th century Vienna, the flower painting achieved incomparable variety, quality and significance.

Works from the late 18th to the beginning of the 20th century can be seen in the exhibition. Flower painting stands for the general development of art history and the associated liberation from the academic norm. Women like Pauline Koudelka-Schmerling or Olga Wisinger-Florian, who were initially excluded from academic training, were able to make a name for themselves in this genre for the first time.

Say it with flowers! Viennese flower painting from Waldmüller to Klimt

June 22 to September 30, 2018


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